Power Industry

Renewable resources

Wind is one of the most important renewable energy sources. Its effective use, however, involves significant costs which need to be spent to diminish the effect of energy production fluctuations caused by the changeability of atmospheric flow on grid stability and on electricity trading. Forecasts prepared by Amper Meteo can help minimize such costs by helping to close the gap between the planned and actual production. Data from numerical weather prediction models are adapted for the specific location, even in the complex orographic areas of Europe.

Solar power generation forecasting is important for both power producers and solar electricity traders. In changing weather, however, determining the specific solar power of the Sun is one of the most challenging tasks of contemporary meteorology. In Amper Meteo, we have spent many years specializing in solar power forecasting, using our very own method of minimizing deviations. Based on high-end numerical weather prediction modelling, our forecast procedures take account of the production history as well as the characteristics of the individual photovoltaic  installations and result in predictions which give our customers a considerable competitive advantage.

Thanks to the system of very short-term power forecasting (also known as “nowcasting”) which our company has developed and successfully used for a wide spectrum of customers, we are able to provide our customers with forecasts of power generated by photovoltaic installations or wind farms every 15 minutes. All predictions are monitored by experienced meteorologists, who are able to intervene and adapt the prediction successfully where inconsistencies are identified between the models and the actual or expected weather conditions.

Heating industry

Power consumption forecasting is a very complex process which reflects both weather and socioeconomic effects. The role of weather conditions becomes more prominent during the cold parts of a year due to fluctuations in outdoor temperatures, shorter sunshine duration, inversion, etc. To deal with these, our company has developed specific procedures for the heating industry, which can bring significant savings if combined with modern measurement and regulation methods. These savings mainly originate from optimizations in heat generation leading to decreases in fuel and electricity consumption in heating plants. Amper Meteo furnishes all relevant information ranging from the basic multi-model based air temperature forecasts for the next 15 days to specific predictions of electricity or natural gas consumption.

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