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What we offer

  • Energy prediction
  • Comprehensive approach
  • Own statistical model
  • Outputs according to the customer's wishes
  • Online consultation

Our production forecast procedures are based on both the production history and characteristics of individual power plants and on the advanced processing of state-of-the-art numerical weather forecast models. The resulting forecast provides a significant competitive advantage to our clients in the long run.

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The multi-model ensemble of global and regional numerical weather prediction models produced by worldwide national weather services is the basic input for our production and consumption predictions. All numerical forecasting models are regularly validated, and their success rates are subsequently implemented in the final forecast compilation.

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We use our own statistical model to convert meteorological parameters from weather forecast models to power-related quantities.

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Our products can be delivered in various data formats (XML, Excel, CSV, text, SQL, etc.) and via various communication protocols (HTTPS, SFTP, email and more), always in accordance with the specifications and requirements of the customer.

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We can arrange online or phone consultations with an experienced meteorologist at regular intervals or upon request.

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27.1. 2021
The end of 2020, was not succesful for electricity production from RES, but energy consumption was surprisingly high - The past year has also brought...
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25.1. 2021
Globally colder December took the 2020 temperature lead - For most of 2020, it seemed to be quite clearly the warmest year in the history of...
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