In financing, weather predictions are particularly essential for insurance companies, where timely warnings against adverse weather conditions can save costs and prevent troubles for both policyholders and insurance companies themselves. It therefore comes as no surprise that the services provided by some insurance companies include early warnings of meteorological occurrences which could cause substantial damage to the property of policyholders. In Amper Meteo, we can deliver the forecasting data for such systems providing warnings against the following adverse weather occurrences:

  • storms with strong wind, heavy rainfall or hail,
  • strong wind,
  • heavy rainfall which can lead to flooding,
  • weather conditions linked with an increased risk of fire,
  • abrupt temperature changes,
  • heavy snowfall,
  • icing, black ice, and strong frost cover in particular

The aim is to enable policyholders to take timely actions to limit the incurred damage or even avoid damage altogether. Depending on the type of meteorological occurrence, a warning can be available within several days to 15 minutes before an extreme weather condition occurs.

We can also prepare expert opinions in climatology evaluating individual occurrences in the past or determining the risk areas in which specific weather conditions occur. We are experienced in processing large volumes of data from meteorology as well as from financing, and we are capable of performing quality data analyses (e.g. finding errors or non-standard behaviour).

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